Joemeister is now Coach
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KleoJannaKleoJanna wrote on 25 Oct 2018 14:20

Former Philadelphia Fusion participant Joe"Joemeister" Gramano has declared using a TwiLonger article he will be retiring from rival as a participant and will rather transition towards training. He's now actively searching for a coaching position.

Transitioning into a training role and my aims for your future Read:

The statement comes following a season of being to the Philadelphia Fusion roster for a substitute rather than playing just one match all season.

Before this Fusion, Joemeister played FaZe Clan and represented Canada in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup.

My goal moving forward is to have the ability to take what I have learned over the previous 3 decades and assist like-minded men and women within the scene that share the exact interests and enthusiasm as me to attain their objectives. My choice to check into instruction is just one that I have thought about for quite a while now, and maybe it's precisely the change I want to keep on pursuing my esports fantasy.


Joemeister isn't the first Overwatch League player to announce a transition into a team or training role. Former Dallas Fuel primary tank participant cocco also declared he was moving into a training role inside the group. Similarly, former Houston Outlaws DPS player clockwork declared he was moving into some"non-player" function inside the organisation.

He may continue his career in overwatch boost service.

Overwatch Wire wants Joemeister the very best of luck in locating a training position at the forthcoming weeks and weeks.

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