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KleoJannaKleoJanna wrote on 25 Oct 2018 14:24

The Florida Mayhem have declared that Jo"HaGoPeun" Hyeon-woo was promoted to their principal roster of their Florida Mayhem in their Contenders Team, Mayhem Academy.

HaGoPeun began his career in the Overwatch League as a bend service for its London Spitfire. He was afterwards picked up from the Mayhem Academy in June.

@HAGOPEUN_OW was encouraged to our primary roster for Season 2!

The Florida Mayhem issued a media release at which Florida Mayhem Head Coach Vytis"Mineral" Lasaitis expressed enthusiasm for the roster movement:


After we picked up HaGoPeun to our Academy roster, we understood his stint at Contenders are temporary. His ability as a flex service participant is incontrovertible. He impressed us with his own outstanding mechanical capability and versatility, while owning that evasive poise of a veteran. We are very pleased to promote from within, and we welcome HaGoPeun to our season two roster with open arms.

HaGoPeun's career began ahead of the Overwatch League. HaGoPeun played GC Busan, also contains an APEX name under his belt. The Mayhem said he was"noteworthy a standout during Contenders Mayhem Academy// and at the committed period Mayhem hosted gamers trials to reconstruct the next year's roster."

They also invite fans to trace HaGoPeun on Twitter, and also to watch his flows on his Twitch station .

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