Zarya owning on King's Row
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Joemeister is now Coach
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KleoJannaKleoJanna wrote on 25 Oct 2018 14:33

Following an intense five map game between Team Germany and France, the next game of the afternoon introduced us to a conflict between Team Netherlands, and Team Italy.

Italy completed the first day in third place, winning their first and only game, and also taking three paths from Team Poland. Now, the Netherlands conquer Italy 3-1.

One of the primary highlights of the game was that the unbelievable Zarya drama from the Netherlands' own Jeffrey"Vizility" p Vris. He showed absolutely no mercy about the Italians, also in 2 back packs plays, managed to make space for his staff to push the payload forward.

During this first clip, Vizility did a fantastic job in getting kills and helps to push Italy back, and also to assist him group catch the next stage. When you have a look at his Zarya's energy, then it was always super high. And on the next play, he managed to receive a few of Team Italy at a superbly shot Graviton Surge.


The few eliminations in the ultimate were only the beginning of the snowball, which evolved into a whole team wipe, allowing the Netherlands to push ahead, and take King's Row.

The two Team Italy and Netherlands involve some hard opponents before these later in the afternoon. Team Italy return back to the point to take on the house team, Team France, in 5:15PM Central European Standard Time, 8:15AM Pacific.

Catch all of the action live on the official Perform Overwatch Twitch station , and have a peek at our useful manual about when to tune into the games that you wish to see.

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