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Zarya owning on King's Row
Following an intense five map game between Team Germany and France, the next game of the afternoon introduced us to a conflict between Team Netherlands, and Team Italy.

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California Cup | Shock vs Valiant
Overwatch lovers, it is time for the struggle of the year! Northern California and Southern California will proceed toe-to-toe to find out who is going to be the real winner of the Golden State!

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Florida Mayhem | HaGoPeun
The Florida Mayhem have declared that Jo"HaGoPeun" Hyeon-woo was promoted to their principal roster of their Florida Mayhem in their Contenders Team, Mayhem Academy.

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Torbjorn rework | PTR patch notes
The Torbjörn rework patch has struck on the PTR and it features the modifications Jeff Kaplan discussed in his latest developer upgrade, also fleshed out a number of his minor factors.

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Joemeister is now Coach
Former Philadelphia Fusion participant Joe"Joemeister" Gramano has declared using a TwiLonger article he will be retiring from rival as a participant and will rather transition towards training. He's now actively searching for a coaching position.

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